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plugs46 25th amendment needs to be used after brandon bozos afghanistan disaster 2021 by varvel2 views
plugs46 25th amendment needs to talk to brandon bozo 2021 by garrison3 views
plugs46 actual lying dog-faced pony soldier brandon bozo and just a very few of his lies over the past two years alone 2023 by wright3 views
plugs46 adresses the un with a backward speech 2021 by ramirez3 views
plugs46 afghanistan exit peace with dishonor 2021 by gorrell0 viewsBrandon Bozo kills hundreds, leaves billions in equipment
plugs46 afghanistan refugees unvetted pulled before americans what could go wrong 2021 by branco3 views
plugs46 afghanistan whos at fault 2021 by branco0 views
plugs46 after 24 times biting secret service agents (ss) commander the dog is out yet brandon bozos been putting the bite on amerika for years now and hes still there 2024 by hitch0 views
plugs46 after being bashed by even demoncrap media and polls brandon bozo is shocked to learn he has seven grandchildren 2023 by lester1 views
plugs46 after brandon bozo does a little clean-up around his stolen office the demoncraps see no evidence of any of his wrong doings 2023 by mish0 views
plugs46 after demoncraps bribe rino mccarthy into total surrender on the debt ceiling deal brandon bozo can go out for ice cream 2023 by hands1 views
plugs46 after sawing uncle sam in half magician brandon bozo invites everyone to tune in next year for a rabbit out of somewhere 2023 by rivers1 views
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